Monday, 18 May 2009

Slacking but not through laziness

I seem to have done a little damage to my hip although no-where near as much as Jogblog managed to do to her ankle but because of this (my hip, not Jogblog's ankle) I've only ran once since my Touch Rugby session. This was last Tuesday when myself and Lovely Girlfriend went to Richmond Park for a bit of exercise as it was a lovely evening. LG is going to be running her first ever 10k at the end of June so it's good for me to be training with somebody again as it hasn't been done since myself and eatingtrees trained for the Royal Parks half last year and frankly, I was starting to get bored of my own company.

Anyway, it consisted of a 1.5m run from the car to the hill, then we ran some hills for a bit before running back again. It was on this return leg that the pain really intensified to the point I had to stop because I was overcompensating so much, my left knee started aching too. Now the hills weren't what caused it as I'd noticed it a week or so before but they certainly didn't help. It's now the following Monday and there's still a little ache on the hip but nothing too bad. However, because the BUPA 10k costs a sodding fortune and I don't want to waste that money, I'm not going to run until then and then just try and get round. I don't have a PB for a 10k as such as I've only done one race before and all I can remember is that I finished in 53:xx so the plan as to go under 53mins. Unlikely now which is a pain but I'll give it a go anyway.

Now not being able to do either Touch or running for the past week, I've had to do a couple of things to keep the week interesting. So I've, in order:

a)Looked at a new car
b)Went to an Album Launch Gig
c)Went for many, many drinks to celebrate LG's and another friends birthday
d)Test drove new car
e)Bought new car
f)Went to Cambridge and camped in an airfield
g)Trained to jump out of a plane for LG's birthday
h)Didn't jump out a plane as we have tremendously crap weather in this country
i)Went out for a meal for LG's birthday

See, I've been doing other things and here's a picture of the new beast! We pick it up on Thursday and I can't wait. It may only be a Citroen to some people but as we've been driving a P-reg Clio, this thing's going to feel like a Rolls Royce!!


  1. Cool! Can we use this to get to and from Grim 8 in December??? It looks a bit too clean at the moment...

  2. Not a chance! Haha. I think LG would kill me if I allowed that. Anyway, I heard you were driving because with Son#1 and Son#2, your car's bound to be more of a mess anyway