Tuesday, 26 May 2009

London Wa HooPA 10k - Race Report

First things strangely enough, first. In the wonderfully overcast and slightly damp conditions, I set a new PB yesterday. 51:42. Happy Days! It's the first 10k I've done in a long time and my previous best was 53:4x so I'm delighted with the time that now at least gives me a proper PB to aim for next time.

This isn't the greatest event to take part in though to be honest. There's a few too many people, 9 wave starts so a lot waiting around and the constant repeated commentary while in Green Park but the course is flat and takes in a few tourist sights so definitely PB territory.

The hip was aching a bit (I forgot the painkillers) and the hamstring felt tight but overall I felt pretty good and like I could do OK if I put my mind to it and didn't start feeling sorry for myself. Myself and eatingtrees were setting off in Blue A which was the 4th wave to go but it was clear very early on that we wouldn't be running this one together. We both had our own times in our heads and we both already plugged in to our individual playlists to get us through the run. We stayed together in the crowds for the first 2k or so and a pace faster than I'd predicted. The first 2 were both 5:05 k's. Great, now I just had to keep it up! I didn't but stayed between 5:05 and 5:15 k's for the entire race which was better than where I needed to get my predicted time of less than 53 mins.

We had a bit of rain, a couple of tiny inclines and a few cobbles but the race was pretty painless. I just had to keep reminding myself that I was on for a good time and keep pushing which I did. I ran down the mall and completed it and was delighted with my time although I have to say, with all the marshals telling you to go elsewhere, the commentary team who only seemed interested in the elite athletes and the tidying beginning very early on, it was a bit of a damp squid ending. I think this is why I prefer the smaller events so roll on next month when I will be running with Lovely Girlfriend on her first ever 10k in Thame.

Oh and just to mention, eatingtrees has found us another great event for Sept. Rat Race. We're only doing Mean Streets London but it looks like a great laugh and a little more than just pounding the streets! Where else can you mix running, sudoku, ice climbing and kayaking in a city centre all on the same day!


  1. nice review Hauling, will post some of this at www.therunningbug.co.uk if i may - do keep on running and spreading the Running Bug word!

  2. Cheers John. Looks like we finished pretty close to each other. Maybe you saw a slightly over-weight bald bloke with water running down his glasses looking like he was having trying to have fun! Also, not a problem to post what you like on the bug!

  3. Well done the PB. I think you will find Thame much more civilised. I did it a couple of years ago and it's a good event.