Friday, 29 May 2009

The looniness of Juneathon plus a question

Well it's only 3 days to go until June and that can only mean one thing. JUNEATHON IS HERE!!!! I'm a Juneathon Virgin but I'm led to believe it has been wonderfully chiefed by JoggerBlogger for the last couple of years and I'm looking forward to taking part. The extremely complicated and strict rules are here. In a nutshell though, exercise everyday, blog about it, read other's blogs regarding it.

Now with a slightly ropey hip, I think running everyday is out of the question for me. However, after taking a few ideas from other blogs around (namely eatingtrees and The Red Bucket) I have decided what my Juneathon will entail.

3 times a week should be good with a few hills thrown in too.
100 Push Up Challenge:
Do 100 consecutive pushups in 6 weeks. I think my current record is about 7. That maybe over exaggerating as well
200 Sit Up Challenge:
You won't be surprised but this is the same concept as above. However, I don't think my stomach rolls inwards so this is going to be a tough one (lovely image for you all). I will do the Push Up and Sit Up Challenges on the same day I reckon which will be 3 sessions a week.
Touch Rugby:
Once a week, it's 30/40 mins of sprinting around a field chasing a person with a ball. The attempted catching and throwing of said ball are also included. Note the word 'attempted'.

It has become clear to me while writing this blog that I'm not quite an elite athlete. Or just an athlete for that matter. Even just an ath is pushing it to be honest therefore exercising every single day is not going to be easy for me.

My question though. I want to jump out of a plane on the 21st June. Nothing to do with Low Cost Airlines cutting their costs, more that I bought LG a jump for her birthday and I'll be doing it too. So, does this count as exercise or do I still need to do something else on this day. I reckon Iliketocount may well be the best person to advise me here!?

As a side note (which appear to be turning into a more regular thing), I think I've persuaded LG to do Juneathon too albeit a slightly less energetic one so her updates will more than likely appear alongside my usual blathering babble.

So have a good weekend. I'm off to go and sleep in a tent on the outskirts of Cambridge tonight... And to think eatingtrees thinks he has it good by being on a beautiful and sunny Greek Island. He doesn't know what luxury is!


  1. First jump releases enough edrenaline to class as a bit of Juneathon for the 21st but maybe slip something else in too, if you can. It is the best thing ever to do though. Where are you doing it? If it's Headcorn, i'll try to share your plane and race you down!

  2. With an "a" in the typo, of course!

  3. Up near Chatteris, north of Cambridge. Stupidly, they still call it the North London Parachute Centre!