Sunday, 3 January 2010

First one of the year. Let's hope it gets easier

Welcome to 2010. The year of the average runner.

I got my Christmas Day run out of the way early enough and went on to complete 4.5 miles in 45:29 with LG and then spent the rest of the day eating and drinking. Just as it should be at Christmas I reckon.

However, due to all the usual excesses, I really should have done more running over this period but due to the man-flu pre and stomach bug post, well, I didn't. A plan was called for and after getting in touch with eatingtrees, a plan was formed. He was going to come and visit on Saturday and we we're going to get rid of the cobwebs.

With a night of -3 degrees and a running temp of 1-2 degrees, the tights were promptly added to shorts (no-one needs to see my arse in tights), one long and one short sleeve top, a woolly hat, a buff and a pair of gloves. I don't like being cold.

I found a course that looked good which I hadn't done before and we headed out on our arctic expedition run of 10.77 miles.

The following, are things I should have learnt by now. When you plan to run nearly 11 miles, at least one of the idiots doing it, should have some form of liquid with them. Neither idiot did! Secondly, I need to remember nipple tape when running further than a few miles and thirdly, check the elevation!! When you've hardly run over 5 miles since October, 816ft of elevation hurts when adding nearly 6 miles to your recent distances.

IT WAS TOUGH! The last 3 miles were run completely in the knowledge that it was quicker to get home running shuffling than to walk. Dehydration and absolutely zero energy do not encourage quick finishes.

A wonderful lunch had been cooked by LG of Gnocchi and Butternut Squash bake which was devoured very, very quickly. I could feel the energy seeping slowly back into my muscles. However, running that distance with a severe lack of training got me back big time. My hips, calfs, thighs and ankles were causing me more pain than a new inmate experiences after his first visit to the prison shower. I slept with a lot of ibuprofen last night.

Now we're in January, I need to up the mileage and pick up my speed in order to be ready for Half's in February and March. I can't have any more excuses really. Hopefully the new trainers should arrive within a few days which are badly needed because both the others are now dead. No bounce and no grip. Not a good combo.

Final note is an apology to the 2 cyclists in Richmond Park. Sorry, we weren't aware that you and your Lycra-clad arrogance had right of way around the entire of the park and we are mere mortals in your attempts to play 'Tour de France'. Here's hoping there are many punctures and buckled wheels in your futures.

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  1. Mmm, gnocchi and butternut squash bake sounds lovely.

    Oh and well done on the run.

    And happy new year.