Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Last run before the ice age!

As the weather men had continued to shout that the world was officially going to end last night and we'd all be snowed in forever and a week, I felt I really had to get my backside out before the pavements spent the next week being covered in a layer of ice. Snow and slush I can deal with but I draw the line at ice.

After Saturday's trip out with eatingtrees, I was still aching quite a bit and didn't fancy this one too much. However, I had a personal battle to win. I had to get myself back under the 9 min/mile pace. I had slowed considerably recently and the last time I went under 9 mins was for the Royal Parks Half in Oct!! That's a long time!

I dressed up in that 'slightly' over-compensating manner and was therefore far too hot within half a mile but rather that than cold at the moment! (I've just calculated and I was wearing 9 items of clothing excluding my trainers!!). Ooops

The route was what I appear to have called my '5 miler - Winter route' on runningAHEAD. In other words, it has street-lighting and paths. Ticks all the boxes for me!! A quick description is first mile is downhill (pace of 7:50) second and third miles are flat (8:47 and 8:15) and then the final 2 miles or so are all up hill (hence pace of 8:58 and 9:17 for the final 1.04 miles).

Net result: 5.04 miles in 43:07. Pace: 8.34 m/m. RESULT!!!!! With some snow in my eyes, some pain in my calves/calfs?, hips and toes (where the sodding hell are my new trainers!!!) and not the most exciting route in the world, I'm pretty happy. Now I just need to keep it up and hope this bloody weather sorts itself by the weekend. I want to pick up the mileage!!


  1. And so our strange parallel lives continue. I too, spurred on by the weather forecast of impending doom, went for a run yesterday. I too, was far too hot within minutes of leaving the house. I too, was looking to up the pace and I too am waiting for delivery of new running shoes so that I can rediscover the words cushioning, support and comfort. Spooky...

  2. This isn't going to help those who think we are actually the same person is it now! In fact it starts to look like I'm now replying to myself on my own blog!