Thursday, 21 January 2010

Second run of the week. The impossible dream

When I was doing my A-levels, I used to spend nearly all my holidays putting together cardboard display units for various films and products. It was repetitive and didn't exactly get your brain working but it did give me money to spend on a 17/18 year old boy's favourite thing... the pub. I thought this would be the most dull, mind numbing and frustrating thing I ever did but at least it gave me money. Today, I found something worse. I have spent the last 3 and a half hours sanding down 2 parts of a bike frame trying to remove the paintwork but 10 times more frustratingly, the bloody decals that they cover in about 3 tonnes of lacquer. I have blisters on my blisters! It's a relief to have done it though as tomorrow I'm taking a trip to eatingtrees' place in order to get the cable guides removed. By force. With a big grindey, sawey thing! YAY!!!

Enough of the bike thing for now though, I went for another run this morning. The same 4.14 mile course I did on Tuesday when I ran it in 8:04's. Now if you run a distance in 8:04's, tell me you wouldn't want to run it again and get under the magic 8m/m barrier. Christ I did, so that was the plan. I have 2 markers on my run that I clock the time. One around 1.3 ish miles out and the second at 2.07 miles, i.e. the turning point. I was exactly the same time on both points as last time. To the second on both occasions. Freakishly consistent for me. Therefore, all I had to do was make up a measly 20 seconds over the remaining 2.07 miles to come in under that all important mental barrier. Did I??? Of course not. I made up a measly 11 seconds which means I now need to do it again. But knock another 9 seconds off over the course of 4.14 miles. That is absolutely nothing but for some reason, it seems so hard to contemplate. Anyway, at least it's a challenge for next week I guess as Saturday's run is going to be a 12 miler around Richmond Park. Now that, I'm not looking forward to!

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  1. Let me know if you need a pacer ... I can get probably get myself over to Richmond next Thursday. Unemployment does have some advantages!