Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sorry, it's been a bit of a week!

4.14 miles in 35:39. That's 8:37 pace which i didn't find too shabby considering it was on compressed and compact snow and I'm not at the peak of physical fitness. That was Tuesday morning. 7 days since my previous run! NOT GOOD!! It's this bloody snow. After yesterday, I was quite happy and convinced that by the weekend, I'd be able to do an 8/10 miler to stretch the legs out. Then I received a call this morning... It just said, 'have you looked out of the window?'. Straight away, my hopes sank. That would mean more time before I could get into my new trainers. ARGHHH!!!

Yesterday's run was in my trail shoes. Purely for the grip and stability. With a lot of compact snow, you can't see the dips, holes and camber of the paths/roads as much so you need all the help you can get. I also gave one of the audiofuel tracks I was recently sent a try for the first time while out and about. Now I haven't been listening to any music on my recent runs so this should be interesting. I get the point, I really do. The concept is fantastic. I tried one called 'Full Tilt' that doesn't have a personal trainer telling you to pick up the pace and my thoughts are that if you are going to try audiofuel, get one WITH the coaching. I found that without it, because this isn't my usual style of music, I just zoned it out and ignored it completely and therefore i suddenly kept noticing that I was completely out of time with the beat and struggled to stay with it (faster or slower) for long at all.

I was made redundant last week which is a bit of a bitch but it at least now allows my to run during the day. Well when the snow stops for any amount of time anyway!! The rest of my day's since seem to have been spent on phones or email sending messages to anybody who may be able to help with the whole employment problem. On the plus side, I finally got round to picking up my guitar again after months of neglect!

Another bugger about the job is I'm giving the bike back. It was on a cycle2work scheme and I'm not willing to pay the amount they want to keep it. However, I have a plan on that front too. In my parent's garage is my old bike. 5/6 years old. Cheap and a little bit of a heavy beast but a bike none the less. I'm going to join eatingtrees in building my own single speed from that. I reckon it'll cost me around £20/25 so that's the new plan. I just need to get back my parent's and convince my Dad that he doesn't want the bike really!


  1. Really sorry to hear about the job, I hope you find something soon.

  2. Sorry to here about situation. Wouldn't have suggested gym treadmill if I'd known.

    Try freecycle for all sorts, including BIKE bits and bobs.

  3. Not a muppet - just tired post visit from small nephews. Sorry to hear... not here?!

  4. sorry to hear about the redundancy Hauling, good luck with the hunting
    johnnyg (therunningbug)

  5. Proper sorry to hear about your job - will keep bits crossed for you