Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Not too much of interest

Another week's gone by and only 1 run to speak off. That was my 4.14 mile out and back route that I do but as I know I've been a bit slack recently, I pushed myself and was delighted to have come back and realise I'd run the thing in 8:04 pace. I'm putting it all down to it being the first run in the brand new shoes of whiteness. It was so nice to have grip, bounce and comfort back!! This is my 3rd pair of New Balance 1063's and I personally, really can't go wrong with them!

Job seeking is continuing but currently just ticking by with the housework, shopping oh and yes, building myself that new bike I mentioned last time. When I say building, I mean destroying. Went back and got the bike out of my parent's garage on Sunday and then dismantled everything I could off it. HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT!?!?  Now it's all the sanding of the paintwork (not the most fun in the world) and buying the essential parts that I need to make it into a lovely looking single speed. Watch this space for before and after shots in a few weeks time!!

Right I'm off. I'm sure there's another load of washing to do and sanding to be done. If I'm really good, I may even try and run more than once this week but we'll see!!

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