Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Eu estou indo a Lisboa*

This week appears to be 'do something stupid you probably shouldn't week' and I'm doing pretty well so far!

Firstly I've put my application form in and sent the payment over for joining the Wimbledon Windmilers. It's a running club. I'm going to pay someone else an annual fee to do what I've managed to do on my own for about a year and a bit. Why?!? Well in all honesty because:

a)it's something different
b)I think it will improve me as a runner
c)I'll meet/run/race with and against others which will be a bit of extra motivation and
d)It'll help with the whole hills and sprints part of my training that I tend to get a little lazy on. Oh and I'll also get a discount when I sign up for races. OK then, not as stupid as it first seems.

Secondly, I've registered for the Lisbon Half Marathon in March. Because there's a lot of down-hill sections at the start, it's meant to have some serious PB potential which is a good kick up the back side and to be honest, the other option on that weekend was Fleet. Now no disrespect to Fleet but come on. Lisbon or Fleet. What would you decide?? OK, again, not the worst decision.

Thirdly, for this little Lisbon trip, I've booked the hotel. I'm hoping that LG and eatingtrees aren't expecting too much from their £13 a night. I may regret this decision!!

Fourthly, LG who hasn't shown the strongest enthusiasm for running since the summer, yesterday went and spent £80 being kitted out for new trainers especially for her feet and running style. Now £80's not a bad price but I now know she has no excuse not to get running! I suspect she may regret that decision once I start nagging about 10k's and H.M's.

And finally... the person who said this will remain nameless but, yesterday when I was talking about Lisbon this person said 'Is that in Northern or Southern Spain?'. My silence said it all. This person has a vast knowledge of the world so I think I'll have to put that one down to a lapse but if you read this... you know who you are and should be ashamed!

*Babelfish did the translation and I take no responsibility for it! I no speeka portugeeeees.

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  1. You won't regret joining the Windmilers. Great bunch of guys and girls. Welcome to the club. This seems to be the second of 'my' clubs you've joined recently? Happy 30th birthday dude!