Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hold Up. What's this then??

'Someone appears to have put a post on Hauling My Carcass' blog'
'It can't be him though. He's not been on here for ages'
'No, not since that Royal Parks effort anyway'
'You don't think he's got his lazy arse into gear do you'
'Doubt it'

But alas. It is me. I have returned. Not that I went anywhere and have still been catching up on many other people's musings but when you have a running blog and don't do any running, it limits the subjects you can write about somewhat!

I have run 0.0 miles run since Royal Parks. Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada. That really is pretty horrendous but it's done me good. Firstly, I want to go out and run again so that's the first step and secondly, I haven't felt many of the twinges for a while now. Obviously I haven't run either but I'm seeing that as a good sign anyway.

My plan was to get a run in on this coming Saturday morning. Maybe start with a Park Run 5k in Wimbledon but I seem to have developed a pretty crappy chest cough this week so may lay off it for another couple of days as I really could do without the first run I do in a month not feeling like it's going to kill me. Then I'm going to get a few 10k training runs done in the next few weeks so I'm a bit more ready for Grim which I have little doubt will be the most horrendous experience of my life!!

Last year, January and Feb were my favourite months for training. I had a real focus and was really enjoying it. I'm hoping for something similar in a couple of months time too but I've also decided that I'm going to join a running club on Jan 1st. (I'd join now but I'd have to repay the subscription again in Jan so seems silly to do it now). I'm particularly interested in the hill, fartlek and speed work they do a couple of evenings a week. I struggle with these bits on my own so doing it in a group will help the motivation and then if I continue to run on my own at the weekends, I should be in pretty good shape come March next year. Speaking of which, I need to sign up for a couple of events I reckon! People have mentioned Fleet, Reading and eatingtrees and I are thinking about a little jaunt to Lisbon but any other recommendations of some good races? Half Marathon distance is the limit I might add!

Right, that's me done, thanks for coming to visit, even if it was by accident. Now go tell your friends that the slightly overweight bloke who hasn't done any running recently has updated his running blog. That should get you a blank look if nothing else!


  1. Most people I know who've done it, seem to really enjoy Grim. Not sure I would though! We'll have to find a race we can all do and I promise to participate in more than the pizza eating and drinking next time.

  2. I'm sure once it's finished, Grim will be OK but during the race, I think I'm going to want to cry!

    As for next time, I'm thinking about just doing the drinking and pizza. Seems like a blinding idea!