Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stress relief without the wine

My job sucks sometimes. It really, really can suck. It's just too quiet and then there are the internal politics. I know most people have them but with mine yesterday, it really got on my nerves and I reached my limits!

So much so that the planned run with LG nearly didn't happen. I just couldn't be bothered to do it. Then I decided that a bit of stress relief without heading for the rack that sits on top of the fridge was probably a better option so we dressed up in a few layers to fight the wind and drizzle and headed out. I had a 5.04 mile route (44:59) planned that would run the first 1.87 miles (18:37) with LG before she headed for home and I picked up the pace. I did the remaining 3.17 miles in 26:22 giving me an 8.19 pace for that bit which I'm was pretty happy with considering at least half is on a crappy uphill! I also felt a damn sight better than when I started!

Twas the longest I've run since Royal Parks, felt OK (although I had my first stitch on bloody AGES) and finished strongly. With Grim only 10 days away, the rest of my week will consist of a short easy run on Thursday evening followed by an 8 miler of some sort on Saturday to get rid of the cobwebs ready for the mud and water that awaits me.

And what of LG??? Well what can I say. She keeps telling me she can't run but I think stats of 2.87 miles (longest ever) in 28:34 without stopping and recording a 9:57 pace (quickest ever) after running properly for only 2 weeks prove her wrong in a massive way! She certainly can run and seems to be enjoying the accomplishment that comes when you finish!

We have signed up for a Richmond Park 10k at the end of February and I have a feeling, she'll be pretty damn close to going under an hour by then. It's 3 months away so plenty of training time left and for someone that says she likes to run in the rain, pretty perfect weather too!

Final note... Keep your eyes peeled for a redesign coming very soon! I've gone and got all creative on your asses!

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