Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I did a run and everything!

Yep I know. Strange for someone with a blog about running but one day short of an entire month without a run, I went out last night. Wasn't my idea either! I'd just opened the wine (not one of LG's greatest choices to be honest. Some poor Argentinean organic thing) and LG said she wanted to give her new shoes a test run so I thought it's about time I got out again too. For me, it was a slow, easy building up again couple of miles. Making sure those little niggly injuries I seem to have spent since May dealing with were clearing up. It seems most of them have. The only one I'm unsure about it the 'shin splints' pain I had. Have woken up this morning and I can feel it. I wouldn't say painful though so if I carry on wearing the support, I reckon it'll all be fine in the long run. So 4.5 miles cycling and a 2 mile run. Not too bad for the day.

The star of the show though was LG without a doubt. Apart from one abandoned mile at the beginning of August, she hadn't run since 28th June at our Thame 10k so I find it brilliant that she completed the entire 2 miles without stopping once and in a time of 20:39!! That's 10:20m/m with no training and just by putting on a pair of trainers and going. I'll get her into the Lisbon Half yet, you wait and see. Of course, she's continuing with the 'can't and won't' theory at the moment but it can't last!


  1. Have you tried compression socks for the shin splints? I find they make you feel a bit more secure.

  2. I have tried one which is modeled on the Hard As Snail race report but a guy I work with has just purchased a very fetching pair from Wiggle which he says are good so I think it may be time for me to spend some cash!!