Thursday, 4 June 2009

Day 4. Running at an angle

WTF is wrong with the left hand side of my body!!! Hip was giving me jip a couple of weeks ago and still aches. Left knee started hurting a few weeks ago when I started compensating for the hip. Yesterday (after day 2's great run) the outer part of the front of my left foot started hurting and then I got back from a run today to find a blister on my (yep you guessed it) left foot. On the bottom of the ball part. Now I'm not stupid (not intelligent either but that really is beside the point) but I reckon all these things have to be connected in some way! It really won't be long until my running route consists of me running in tiny circles outside my front door as my left leg just gets dragged behind while the right one does all the work.

Anyway, day 4 running stats are:
Distance: 4 Miles (6.43k)
Time: 32:38
Pace: 8:07 p/m (5:02 p/k)

Not bad for another morning workout due to some leaving drinks this evening. Quickly realising I do my best work in the evenings and not at stupid o'clock in the morning. Either way, I really don't know how much I can push this hip at the mo with an HM coming at the end of July so just going to continue to keep the mileage down and see how it goes. Happy with the time again though.

Oh and my new toy's arrived and no it's not a Garmin. After the car purchase and the hideous amounts of camping gear I've bought recently, I really don't have money to spend on a Garmin. Mind you, this one appears to do everything I need except the GPS and to be honest, at the moment, I like my old fashioned pace bands. I will invest one day but not while I'm running in tiny circles!


  1. All those press-ups have made your arm resemble a cardboard tube...