Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ever increasing circles

Well I went to visit my Osteopath yesterday evening and to be honest, the first words when you stand up in front of him and take your top off should not be. 'Bloody Hell, you're all over the place'.

OK then, I am. Those little circles I've been running in were getting smaller and smaller. I have no idea which bit has caused what but my left hip/pelvis and my left shoulder are around a couple of inches higher than my right side and all the muscles down the left hand side are solid with not a lot of movement in them at all. That has either caused or is the result of all the problems down my left leg. Therefore, he beat me up good. Cracked every part of my body and gave me an extremely hard massage on my back. It hurt like hell during some bits but I'm already feeling a little better this morning.

Still not great though so another session of torture and pain is booked in for Saturday. Hopefully this will sort it and allow the circle size to increase. It better do anyway, I NEED TO RUN!!!!! It's the summer (kind of) and I can't get out to do anything. Still trying to do a bit of walking to stretch it all out a little but I just want to stick my trainers on and feel the wind on my scalp?!?!?


  1. I hope the thumping eases out your muscles and gets you back in alignment.

    It is so difficult to work out symptom and cause as the body is always compensating. But once that is done there will be a way forward

    The most difficult thing though is to stay patient. Things cannot be rushed but the chances are they will get better

    Good luck and all the best

  2. At least you'll have motivation a plenty for Royal Parks Half training, too. Might be a good thing in the long term!
    Enjoy your skydive this weekend - hope the weather's good. But bet your jump plane's not as fast as mine!

  3. Glad you're (kind of) on the mend. From experience, I know how frustrating it is not being able to train but you will get there.

  4. Cheers for the comments all. I will resist from training at least for the next 5 days and then I'll have to see.

    Iliketocount, your plane probably will be faster but I weigh 14 stone so I'm going to drop pretty damn quickly from the sky and that's fast enough for me! Fingers crossed, it looks like the weather's going to hold out too. Can't wait!