Monday, 1 June 2009

Juneathon. Off with a fizzle!

It's Day 1 in the HMC Juneathon house and as I work for a living, dealt with a Tesco delivery when I got home, designed a badge for my Ma's study week and am not currently sitting on my arse on a Greek island, I've only just got round to doing the whole exercise thing.

Apparently, I'm not very fit, toned or very strong and this has just been proven in big letters with my attempt at sit ups and press ups to start my 20o and 100 consecutive challenge.

Today was the 'initial test' to see how god damn awful I was going to be. Answer: I'm average. I've never felt so happy at being average... ever... It's a good starting point. If I actually keep this up, I may get rid of this beautiful beer belly that has been bought and paid for since I was 18 (ish).

Anyway. Test results:
Press Ups: 17 consecutive. Before the mocking starts, you try lifting 14 stone.
Sit Ups: 47 consecutive. My belly went inwards on one of them I'm sure!!

I will continue with these on Wed but luckily, I'm just going to do it the easy way tomorrow and run home from work which is a nice 3 miles. Sounds like a good opportunity for some speed work.

Well done to everyone who's made a start today. Good on you!


  1. Well, you beat me on the press-ups but I whipped yo ass on the sit-ups ;)

  2. Ass whipping accepted and good work. I bet your stomach goes inwards. I reckon it's a lot easier when it does. I'm determined to do this challenge though and hopefully by the end, mine will too. I even did proper press ups and they hurt!

  3. Looks like I'm going to have to start doing press ups and stuff to keep up with you lot...!