Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Juneathon. And there's the bang I wanted

There's the bang I wanted. Let me explain.

I was planning on running home from work today on a little 3 mile route but due to a change of plan, I wasn't at work a the end of the day and I must say, I was effing delighted. It was ridiculously hot out there!! So instead, I made some pasta for lunch tomorrow and then at 8.15, I put on my trainers and headed out.

Pretty quickly for me I may add. I didn't know my mile markers but it felt quick so I just carried on. It bloody hurt though!

Anyway, I'm back with the following....

Time: 36:05
Distance: 4.57 miles (7.35km)
Pace: 7:54 p/m (4:54 p/k)

Hold Up!!! Does that say 7:54 p/m pace. That is the fastest timed run I've ever done and the first time EVER below 8 minute pace. Now that's a better Juneathon day!

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