Monday, 22 June 2009

PB for 11,500 feet!

Now I don't know the exact time as I was a little busy bricking it at the time but I do know I've never gone that fast before without the use of an engine of some sort and therefore must have smashed by PB. Mind you, it's not that surprising when you consider that I did have the distinct advantage of gravity helping me out as it was 2.18 miles straight down!!

Now that's a bit of a rush isn't it. I now know why iliketocount chooses to fling himself out of planes for 'fun'. It's a strange feeling when you do it for the first time. Free falling through a cloud with a bloke strapped to your back just feels like it's going against everything your body should be doing but I can understand why it would become addictive. If only I didn't live in an area seemingly devoid of any sort of skydiving school then I might of even considered doing the training and doing it on a regular basis but the 1-2hr drive each way puts me off if I'm honest.

Minor, minor twinge on my left ankle as I put my heel down about half a second before I finished sliding along the floor which stretched it a little but it's fine. It's my own fault as I was trying to take the pressure off my hip so I didn't do any more damage to that.


Speaking of the hip, it is feeling better but still aches occasionally but not as much as it did. I think this was helped more by the beating I once again took from my Osteopath on Saturday morning. If I'm going to avoid any more issues, I think I'm going to have to start Yoga in a bid to make me more flexible and avoid more of these types of injuries so that will probably start this week before mine and LG's 10k on Sunday. Oh and I have the wear these strange little pads under the balls of my feet to spread my toes and relieve the pressure there from as well. My new theory about curing injuries is now... try everything!

Right, I'm off to get quietly annoyed at the people who clog up Wimbledon Village for 2 weeks every year in the name of Tennis!


  1. Hooray, another running yogi!

  2. That is one PB that I think will be very hard to beat.

  3. Ha ha, just read this. I have been there and it's nowhere near London!

  4. Well done on the jump, shame about your proximity to a DZ. Me being a 10 minute cycle ride from Headcorn Aerodrome is certainly an advantage. Does restrict the radius i'll venture out to for house hunting, though! Good luck Sunday.