Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Juneathon. Day 1. Let the pain commence

And so it was that after 2 solid days of moving furniture and boxes and then a further 2 solid days of unpacking furniture and boxes, I found myself having to get up this morning at 5.20am so I didn't fail Juneathon on the first day!! See, I have no internet connection at home and therefore I wouldn't have been able to blog from home if I exercised after work and blogging prior to exercising is not allowed (I don't think?? Correct me if I'm wrong!) so therefore, getting up at stupid o'clock was the only option.

Things to say about where I've moved to. It's no longer flat. At all. This should do wonders for hill work but mostly it just hurts. My flat runs around the river are no longer an option. I thought my run today was horrible and slow but it turns out, 5.95km was done in 31:48 meaning an average pace of 5:20 per km or 8:36's if you prefer your miles. All that with the following elevation!

Anyway. Day 1, done!

June 1st: RUN 5.95km (31:48)


  1. Hoorah! I'm impressed with your time management. Hills should be good for improving times on the flat.

    Happy Juneathon!

  2. Hmm, I'm not sure what the time limit is for blogging after exercising. I've juneathoned this morning but have my End of Course Assessment to do and post, so won't be blogging until later on today.

    But I suppose if you have no internet at home, then you wouldn't be able to blog until the morning and that would mean backdating it which wouldn't be allowed.

  3. Nice one HMC! Good start! Though you have made me think - I am also moving house this month and so am likely to have several days without internet access, eek! Will have to consider my options and haul my own carcass to an internet cafe I reckon. Darn!

  4. No back dating blogposts? Wow the rules are really harsh this year.

    So well done on the early morning.

  5. I can only run on hills... the joys of sheffield. So I feel your pain! I'm looking forward to the weekend when I can run on some flats near my parents house!

    Good luck for day 2 :D