Saturday, 12 June 2010

Juneathon. Day 12. Random route

With a good night's sleep, some online banking completed and a bacon sandwich in my tummy, I set off into the unknown to get a few more miles in the tyres prior to L2B next weekend. I purposely didn't plan my route prior to heading out because I tend to look at the hilly parts, know when they're coming and then dread them so I just turned when I felt like it or when I thought it might head somewhere interesting.

Epsom Downs look pretty stunning on a clear day but as it's the downs. you know there are going to be hills. From there, and with a lot of uphill leg work and downhill speed work, somehow, I ended up in Cheam and then came back through Epsom Town Centre and back into the village. 24.85 km was completed and once a little bit of maintenance has been done on the single speed bodge job, I'll be as ready as I'm ever gonna be for L2B. It's gonna be tough! 

Right, I'm off to drink beer, eat BBQ and watch footie. I almost feel like a real man

June 1st: RUN 5.95km (31:48)
June 2nd: RUN 4.46km (22:31)
June 3rd: BIKE 11.31km (??:??)
June 4th: RUN 5.14km (26:05)
June 5th: BIKE 8.61km (??:??)
June 6th: RUN 5.14km (26:15)
June 7th: RUN 5.14km (25:02)
June 8th: RUN 5.14km (28:33)
June 9th: BIKE 21.65km (approx 53 mins)
June 10th: RUN 2.83km (15:16)
June 11th: RUN 5.14km (25:48)

June 12th: BIKE 24:85km (approx 1:10) 

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  1. Gosh, I hadn't thought of online banking as a major factor in Juneathon. I will try it out tomorrow...