Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Juneathon. Day 22. s'ot

I had an argument with myself this evening about why in hell I didn't run this morning and had to go out in this stupid heat, stupid sun and stupid humidity.

I lost the argument and had to run. It        was        a        realllllllllllly       slow       jog that was horrible and I deserved the pain for being a lazy git this morning. I won't make that mistake again and will be waking at 5.20am tomorrow to make sure it doesn't happen again!

I don't know what kind of running style was going on today but my knees kept knocking together. I haven't figured out why and how but it was an interesting development. Oh also, I got my first stitch for the first time in absolutely ages. I can't remember the last time I had one. Bloody heat!

June 1st: RUN 5.95km (31:48)
June 2nd: RUN 4.46km (22:31)
June 3rd: BIKE 11.31km (??:??)
June 4th: RUN 5.14km (26:05)
June 5th: BIKE 8.61km (??:??)
June 6th: RUN 5.14km (26:15)
June 7th: RUN 5.14km (25:02)
June 8th: RUN 5.14km (28:33)
June 9th: BIKE 21.65km (approx 53 mins)
June 10th: RUN 2.83km (15:16)
June 11th: RUN 5.14km (25:48)

June 12th: BIKE 24:85km (approx 1:10) 
June 13th: RUN 5.14km (25:56)
June 14th: RUN 5.14km (26:00)
June 15th: RUN 5.14km (25:33) 
June 16th: BIKE 18.58km (45 mins ish)
June 17th: RUN 5.14km (26:23) 
June 18th: RUN 5.14km (26:01) 
June 19th: RUN 5.14km (25:23)
June 20th: BIKE 87.44km (a long, long time) 
June 21st: RUN 5.14km (26:50) 
June 22nd: RUN 5.14km (26:28)


  1. Those stats are looking great, sorry you lost your argument but great run all the same!

  2. How can it have been really slow? the figures do not lie.

  3. Well it felt really slow and looking at the stats, it was the second slowest I've run that course in June. Still under 9m/m which is good though