Sunday, 6 June 2010

Juneathon. Day 6. 5k's are the new 10k's!

See when I wrote in yesterday's blog that I fancied a 10k, I obviously hadn't factored in the state of my heel after a day on my feet in thin flip-flops. Bruised and cracked would be a good description.

However, I knew if I didn't get out, I would be rubbish come the afternoon with so much of the house to sort out so off I plodded on the same route as day 4 but in reverse this time which is silly really as this ends up with the long, slow incline at the end which hurts. I did however see other runners so apparently, 9am on a Sunday is the time to go! Anyway, 10 seconds slower than Day 4. I can't decide whether to blame the heal, the hills or the increased exercise.

As a side note, the people who are running everyday. You are all insane but I commend you all. Seeing sorelimbs stats for the week so far filled me with fear. Nearly 32 miles in 6 days and all in under 9 minute miles. Good work sir! Rather you than me!

June 1st: RUN 5.95km (31:48)
June 2nd: RUN 4.46km (22:31)
June 3rd: BIKE 11.31km (??:??)
June 4th: RUN 5.14km (26:05)
June 5th: BIKE 8.61km (??:??)
June 6th: RUN 5.14km (26:15)


  1. It's always the speed and not the miles that cause injury I believe why people don't run/exercise more frequently. Your body will adapt if you give it a chance.

    Keep it up you are doing just fine and you should be proud of yourself for sticking with it.

  2. Well done, mate. You're a fifth of the way in. Take it easy though as I don't want to be cycling to Brighton on my own on the 20th.

  3. Full house on Juneathon - good work!

  4. Well done! Not sure I now feel fulfilled after hearing about your poor choice of footwear and the state of your feet....
    I couldn't run each day each day, every second one is the most I can manage -- well, so far, perhaps that is my next challenge.