Friday, 11 June 2010

Juneathon. Day 11. Out of the way

An early start again today for my 5.14km loop as I couldn't face getting home from work again and having to go out to exercise on a Friday night. It wasn't a fun run but it wasn't a bad run either. To make it a bit different, I tried running in smaller, faster steps more akin to if I was running barefoot. Eatingtress was talking a lot about it the other night with a shisha pipe in his hand so I did it to try and break the monotony. I don't actually  have anything to report about it except my calves hurt more but that could be more to do with the 11 days consecutive exercise or maybe just the fact I was using different muscles. The thing I can say is that if my mind wandered and I thought of anything else, I went back to my heavy, lumpy style immediately. Also I found it harder when going uphill.

It's Friday, I've just had a sausage sandwich, the world cup starts today, I have BBQ plans at the weekend (possibly under a brolly) and I won't have to get up at 5.20am for a whole 2 days! Where's a bank holiday when you need one? Enjoy your Juneathon weekends people, only 19 days to go!

June 1st: RUN 5.95km (31:48)
June 2nd: RUN 4.46km (22:31)
June 3rd: BIKE 11.31km (??:??)
June 4th: RUN 5.14km (26:05)
June 5th: BIKE 8.61km (??:??)
June 6th: RUN 5.14km (26:15)
June 7th: RUN 5.14km (25:02)
June 8th: RUN 5.14km (28:33)
June 9th: BIKE 21.65km (approx 53 mins)
June 10th: RUN 2.83km (15:16)

June 11th: RUN 5.14km (25:48)


  1. I think I'm having the same problems with my calves. Must be the consecutive running with no rest. Oh well. I've taken the week off work for the first stages of the football....let the wallowing begin.

  2. Sore calves here too. And ankles. And feet, actually.

  3. Good luck to you lads in the football - us poor Paddies have Thierry Henry to thank for not being there!