Thursday, 3 June 2010

Juneathon. Day 3. A change in mode

Today I was working from home most of the day due to some standard blood tests that needed to be done on LG for the bump at the hospital and with LG pretty much passing out at the thought of needles, it's best not to let her drive! That was for 3 hours but did mean i didn't have to get up at stupid o'clock to run.

However, I now realise that I'm not good at going out for the sake of going out so I've decided that during Juneathon, on the running days, I'm going to get up early as it gets it out of the way. (Also the cars with the England flags aren't out of bed yet which is nice!).

Today's exploration was on the bike. Seeing as I have London to Brighton in 2 and a half weeks, needs must! This seemed more sensible than another run but maybe that'll be back again tomorrow.

June 1st: RUN 5.95km (31:48)
June 2nd: RUN 4.46km (22:31)
June 3rd: BIKE 11.31km (??:??)


  1. well done on the bike ride did you not time it?

  2. Hi Buryblue, No I didn't time it as it was random, slow and I didn't know where I was going. Maybe next time once I work out a route.

  3. well done on the getting up early thing! I prefer to run in the evenings, although as it is now Pimms season that may be less often than planned....